Moisture Retention in the Organic Soils of Caño Tiburones

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Pérez-Escolar, R., Juárez, Jr., J., Bonnet, J. A., & Lugo López, M. A. (1974). Moisture Retention in the Organic Soils of Caño Tiburones. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 58(2), 225–229.


Data are presented in this paper from exploratory tests on some of the physical properties of the organic soils of Caño Tiburones, the largest single body of this nature in Puerto Rico. Soils are very light in weight and are capable of retaining a large percentage of moisture at 1/2 and 10 atmospheres of pressure. The volume of water available for plant growth is low because of the high volumes retained when approaching higher tensions. Careful management of the water table might be the key to increased productivity and increased life-span of these valuable soils.


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