Interaction of Pratylenchus zeae with Four Soil Fungi on Sorghum

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Bee-Rodríguez, D., & Ayala, A. (1977). Interaction of Pratylenchus zeae with Four Soil Fungi on Sorghum. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 61(4).


In a greenhouse experiment, a population consisting of 1,500 Pratylenchus zeae in 20-cm pots were pathogenic on sorghum, and suppressed top and root growth. Pronounced necrosis of the roots resulted. Top growth was retarded by combinations of P. zeae-Curvularia spp., P. zeae-Fusarium moniliforme, P. zeae-Rhizoctonia solani, and P. zeae-Macrophomina sp., and by F. moniliforme and R. solani, alone. All nematode-fungi combinations and all fungi alone suppressed root growth. The combination P. zeae-Curvularia spp. produced most damage. P. zeae-R. solani, Curvularia spp., and F. moniliforme produced severe necrosis of sorghum roots. An initial inoculum of 750 P. zeae in 20-cm pots was not pathogenic on sorghum in a second experiment. Only the combination of P. zeae-F. moniliforme affected the fresh root weights; dry root weights were retarded significantly by P. zeae-F. moniliforme and by F. moniliforme, alone. The intensity of necrosis also varied with the different inocula.


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