Aging of Rum in a Hot Chamber

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Torres, C. S., Aguiar, J. L., Batiz, H., & Hernández, I. (1979). Aging of Rum in a Hot Chamber. The Journal of Agriculture of the University of Puerto Rico, 63(1), 64–77.


An 18-week prelimmary experiment demonstrated that during the aging of the rum the production of tannins, acids, esters, acetal, and acetaldehyde was accelerated at 115° F, 70% relative humidity-controlled chamber, as compared to that in average environmental conditions of 88° F and 55% relative humidity. Total volume, water and alcohol losses were higher in the hot chamber. A 110° barreling proof showed better results than 140° P in both chambers. Rum tasters did not report significant differences in preference among either the experimental samples or between them and the commercial rum used as reference sample.


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