Whatever Mattered Wasn’t Water


Production of space
social space
satellite imagery
politics of space
bodies of water Producción del espacio
espacio social
imágenes satelitales
políticas del espacio
cuerpos de agua

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Pajović, U. (2020). Whatever Mattered Wasn’t Water. InForma, 12, 158-175. Retrieved from https://revistas.upr.edu/index.php/informa/article/view/17371


Stemming from Henri Lefebvre’s trialectic systems of levels (global, urban, private) and fields (perceived, conceived, lived) of space, this visual essay studies satellite imagery of bodies of water as carriers of geopolitical, social, and cultural notions and relations. The orthophotographic imagery here serves as an illustrative interpretation of one aspect of these spatial theories and, perhaps more importantly, a sketch for a manifesto—or call to action—for their further employments in the spaces of the contemporary everyday, and beyond: for a critical re-reading of that same everyday as well as practices—bottomup and top-down alike—that shape it.


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