The Future is the Present: The Work of Natura Futura


Natura Futura
tropical architecture
intermediate cities
rural cities Natura Futura
arquitectura tropical
ciudad inermediaria
sitios rurales

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Santiago-Pagán, K., & Toro-Serrano, C. (2020). The Future is the Present: The Work of Natura Futura. InForma, 12, 66-81. Retrieved from


Operating in South America's northwest region, in Ecuador, Natura Futura consistently works with the country's subtropical climate. Led by José Fernando Gómez, Natura Futura is an architecture studio committed to reinterpreting local traditional craftsmanship by giving re-designed meanings to newly proposed local architectures intermediate cities. Their main interest is simple: to consider the future of architecture rather than an architecture of the future. Natura Futura makes a point to design and build structures of high quality that blur the line between public and private, tapping into the true character of Ecuador. Their constant collaboration with local citizens, their use of local materials, and their climatic consciousness positions them on the in-front when it comes to optimally designed tropical architecture.



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