Make an Anthropo-Scene!
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While many proclaim crisis at the prospect of a new geologic era, architects have absorbed the premise as a provocation for disciplinary speculation. Architecture is in a unique position to engage this speculation by straddling the world of reality and fiction through acts of representation. This installation explores a mode of architectural representation that we call the "dioramatic caricature." Located somewhere between two and three dimensions, the "dioramatic caricature" couples the immersive world-making potential of the diorama with techniques associated with caricature-simplification, distortion, exaggeration, and humor. The installation leverages the disciplinary trope of line drawing to portray an expanded environment of interaction. Creaturely figures are generated by projecting two-dimensional profiles along a three-dimensionally creased surface. This technique produces a dynamic family of graphic figures that modulate from multiple vantage points, rendering the figures neither purely frontal nor in-the-round and condensing both pictorial and sculptural perception into a single architectural gesture.
PDF (Español (España))
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