From Syncretism to Heterotopias: What Happens to Us Without Us Knowing


At a time when globalization imposes a particular need for introspection regarding every region's identity, digital proposals-perhaps inadvertently-elude any kind of specific regional reference, in favor of an aesthetic that tends to be removed from reality, and devoid of any feasibility. Based on the past's lessons, the article ponders on the possibilities of typical procedures as vehicles for change, adaptation, and permanence. The text questions who Puerto Ricans are in front of an international forum, proposing that the answer to that question is built within the architectural production of the island's region and culture, while looking at the imposition of various foreign architectural agendas that were attempted in Puerto Rico's recent past.

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Arango, Sylvia. “Henry Klumb y la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Río Piedras: la lógica del resultado.” En Klumb: una arquitectura de impronta social, editado por Enrique Vivoni, 81–142. San Juan: Editorial Universidad de Puerto Rico, 2006.

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