New records for stink bugs (Heteroptera: Pentatomidae) in Puerto Rico

Alejandro E. Segarra-Carmona, Rosa A. Franqui, Hariette Pérez-Martínez, Alejandra Morales-Grajales


We present records for six new stink bug species reported for Puerto Rico. These include two predatory species: Apateticus lineolatus (Herrich Schaffer) and Tylospilus acutissimus (Stal) (Asopinae); and four phytophagous species: Berecynthus hastator (R), Chlorocoris tau Spinola, and Acrosternum (Chinavia) ubicum Rolston (Pentatominae), and Alitocoris brunneus Sailer (Discocephalinae). Of these, B. hastatorhas been identified elsewhere as a vector of palm diseases, and A. brunneus appears to be a recent invasive species to Puerto Rico. Species reported here increase the number of stink bug species reported in Puerto Rico from 42 to 48, and the number of genera from 29 to 34. It is also the first report of a member of subfamily Discocephalinae on the island.


Nonindige-nous pests; Predatory insects; Insect pests

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