Contributions of entomologists and a taxonomical bibliography of insects and other arthropods in Puerto Rico

Edda L. Martínez


This work is a compilation of the taxonomic contributions of scientists who have worked with the insect fauna of Puerto Rico and provides a bibliography of core research papers that were key to increasing knowledge of the island's insect fauna. The contributions of George N. Wolcott, Luis F. Martorell, Francisco Sein Jr., José A. Ramos-Alemar, Jenaro Maldonado- Capriles, Silverio Medina-Gaud, Juan A. Torres, José A. Mari-Mutt and Julio A. Micheli are discussed to establish how their work expanded the knowledge of the island's insect fauna. In addition, a total of 349 articles offering taxonomic information are listed, comprising all taxonomic contributions published in Puerto Rico through 2015.

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