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Pascale Villegas


During the interval of time of Texas Independence War, the Mexican Gulf was the place of Texan attacks against the ships of the Mexican navy as well as national trade ships. The effective assaults organized during two years on the Yucatan coasts, particularly in front of the Sisal and Campeche ports, were considered as pirates by the Mexican Authorities. This investigation offers a vision of the same event viewed from both opposite sides, as given us by a documental review in Mexican and foreign archives. With this information, we can understand different aspects of the Yucatan economic as well as maritime trade, smuggling, the disastrous situation of peninsula’s inhabitants and finally the network of corruption in the higher levels of the local government that weakened the defense of the Yucatan coasts against these fulminant corsairs attacks.


Texas independence, Texas’ Navy, Yucatan, pirates, smuggling

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